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I am Energy: Refreshing White Tea Infused with Blueberries and Exquisite Blueberry Flavor - Boost Your Day with Natural Vitality! - 5 oz Pouch

Introducing "I am Energy," a rejuvenating blend of premium white tea infused with succulent blueberries and a burst of delightful blueberry flavor. This exquisite tea blend was carefully crafted to invigorate your senses and revitalize your day.

Indulge in the perfect fusion of delicate white tea leaves and the sweet juiciness of plump blueberries, creating a harmonious blend that is both refreshing and energizing. The smooth and subtle notes of white tea perfectly complement the boldness of the blueberry, resulting in a balanced and satisfying tea experience.

"I am Energy" is more than just a tea; it's a source of renewed vigor and vitality. With its natural antioxidants and gentle caffeine content, this blend provides a natural boost, aiding in improved concentration and mental clarity throughout the day. Embrace the invigorating power of this exceptional tea, and let its vitality awaken your senses.

Treat yourself to a comforting cup of "I am Energy" anytime, whether you're starting your morning with a tranquility-inspiring ritual or seeking a revitalizing pick-me-up in the afternoon. Savor the enticing aroma and delicate flavors that dance on your palate with every sip, transporting you to a place of pure bliss.

Indulge in this exquisite tea blend, thoughtfully curated for tea connoisseurs who seek both a premium taste and an invigorating experience. "I am Energy" is the perfect companion for those moments when you need a little boost, or simply desire a moment of serenity and self-care.

Experience the harmony of white tea and the lusciousness of blueberries in every cup of "I am Energy." Embrace the power of nature's bounty and let this remarkable tea blend invigorate and rejuvenate you, sip after sip. Elevate your tea collection with "I am Energy" and discover a world of energizing flavors and tranquility

  • Blended with delicious Blueberries that are food for your brain.
  • Premium Quality Leaves.
  • Rich in Antioxidants.
  • Rich in Flavor.
  • Low Caffeine.
  • Delicious either hot or iced.



Customer Reviews

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anna horsford
The energy Tea is devine

I can only say this tea gives me what I so desperately needed! I enjoy a cup every morning for a boost and I can complete my to do list. I don’t get sleepy midday.
I love love love this formula! Thanks so much !!!


Thank you so much for your amazing feedback! We are happy you liked the tea, it is our true pleasure to see our customers so happy!